Unleash The Wolves Remix Stems Giveaway!

Unleash The Wolves Remix Stems Giveaway!


July 19th, 2016



From the moment I set out to make “Unleash The Wolves” I wanted to continue in the spirit of many of my other tracks by giving away the parts to the whole album. I love hearing your remixes so much and if I can help encourage creativity of any kind then it just has to be worthwhile! I call it open source music and I invite you to unleash your remix.

Buy/Stream the album here:


Get the parts to the whole album here:


Although this is not a competition if you want to submit your remix attach your 320 mp3 with the subject Unleash The Remix and send to

[email protected]

Please include your artist name and email in the track title as this will aid us in contacting you when we want to make your incredible remix official 🙂


Don’t forget to check out the rest of for more awesome stuff!

Here is an example of an incredible remix:


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