The Weekend – Blinding Lights – TC Remix

The Weekend – Blinding Lights – TC Remix


April 1st, 2020



  1. Hayden stewart says:

    Is this getting released what a tune big ups tc nz loves u 💕

  2. LMNTAL says:


  3. Christian says:

    Some of the best dnb I’ve ever heard man. Could I buy the wav from you to play in sets?

  4. This is the only decent remix of this amazing tune! Would love a copy. Thanks!

  5. Sparfunk says:

    I want to play this asap !!!!

  6. deejay christos says:

    TC, This is the Mix!! How can we get a decent 320, Wav of this????

  7. Andy Gravity says:

    When will I be able to download a copy of this banger?!!🔥🔥🔥

  8. Andy Gravity says:

    Fantastic remix! Banger!!🔥🔥🔥

  9. Joseph says:

    IT is getting release?

  10. Slewy Theroux says:

    Is this ever coming out?!

  11. Leo R Guerrero says:

    fookin fiya

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