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Stream Decks with Ableton live!

Stream Decks with Ableton live!


October 3rd, 2020


How I use Elgato Stream Decks to make music with Ableton Live:


Over the years I have spent alot of time working on ways to make the whole music making process as quick and creative as possible. Making the switch from Logic Pro to Ableton was a massive move to help with this goal but I really like to have the tactile feel of real buttons when using controllers. I have tried all the apps on the Ipad and used touch screens to control my software but I find I never end up using them on a daily basis because there is no muscle memory with a touch screen.

If you are anything like me when you are making music you want to be as efficiat as possible and going through menus to find plugins and repeating actions over and over really can waste massive amounts of time on a daily basis.

With my Stream Decks I can: Load Plugins, Load Instruments, Load Macros and Control most of the parameters of Ableton associated with a key command. I am using folders which contain all the plugins I use on a daily basis saving me so much time day by day.

I love the Stream Decks so much I even mad a custom console to hold 4 of them in just the right angle for my desk. I have an ongoing fascination with all things aviation and love the ergonomics of the flight deck and to have buttons with screens behind them gives my studio a really pro feel and look which I find to be very inspiring. I also use my stream decks for so much more than just music with integration in live streaming, Loading web pages I use all the time and so much more.

How do I load plugins into Ableton with my Stream Deck????

Its very simple:

1: Open your plugin in ableton

2: Group your plugin in ableton (Apple G / CTRL G)

3: Save your presets into your Ableton library as a group by dragging it into the browser

4: Open Stream Deck software and go to configure stream deck

5: Add a new key under system and you want to choose the OPEN BUTTON with the rocket symbol

6: Click on choose next to app/file and find your plugin group in your Ableton Library and now every time you push the button it will load that plugin or synth on to the selected track in Ableton

BOOM! imagine the possibilities!!

I have gone in on this concept and made a button for pretty much every plugin I use in ableton using folders in Stream Deck to make categories of the kinds of plugins I use all the time and I have to say that it has made my workflow just so much more enjoyable and with the muscle memory I am so much faster when I need to get things done quickly.

I have 4 of the 15 button Stream Decks and love them because they can be mounted to my custom built panel but the 32 key versions look incredible and I am definitely going to be getting more for the studio.

If you are interested in getting a Stream Deck please help support me by using this link to buy:

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