My best advice for new dnb Producers

My best advice for new dnb Producers


July 10th, 2016


In the last couple of days I released a new album called “Unleash The Wolves” it is my second album in 9 years, A very long time I know 🙂 In the process of promoting the album I have been exchanging many messages with fans new and old, Quite A few times I have been asked if I have any advice for someone just starting out from scratch on the production journey. So here is my from scratch how to get into music production.

What music do you love? I suggest you choose a genre and stick to it through thick and thin. I think its cool to get influences from other genres but I also think its really cool to have a core based in one kind of music it will help you with identity. It is also the best kind of limitation to aid your creativity too. A long time ago I chose DnB cause its fuckin sick!! I suggest you do the same 🙂

1: Computer

If I was serious about getting into production I would have to make sure I had a computer of some kind. As long as it runs your choice of software then you are golden, my crappy PC Laptop runs Logic5 and Soundfourge faster then my £4k Mac tower.

crappy_pc maxresdefault


2: Sound Card & Monitors

I would also say it would be wise to get a good Soundcard and Speakers, they will be your window to the sound most of the time, it is worth taking time learning your speakers. The way I suggest you do that is by listening to all of your favourite tunes over and over on your monitors, remember that the room matters too when it comes to listening so if you change room the sound will change. I use the two below in combination in my studio.


3: Sound Library

Sound Library: Build a massive, ginormously huge organised library of sounds and even full parts such as hat loops, drum loops, percussion loops and all kinds of things to quick draw for when making tunes. All the better is if you make everything from scratch and I know sample library companies won’t like this but it is better to make your library unique to get a sound all of your own. I treat mine as if it were a monastery or temple. Everything is clearly labeled and I usually make one every year for the new years sound development.

Organisation when it comes to making tunes is also key. I have a folder for each year going back to 2005 or so in that folder is a folder for each month, everything I did in that month goes in the folder. I then have a nice record of what was written or worked on when kinda 🙂


Ill say it again, Manually save your months work on to 2 or 3 separate hard drives as often as you feel comfortable. loosing tunes is not cool….

d2quadra-usb3.0-var-left-270x270 ruggedtripple-usb3.0-var-3q-270x270


4: Software

I use Ableton and love it. I have to play the tunes after they are made out of Logic through my desk tho because I am not 100% into the sound of Ableton but in terms of creativity its just incredible. I would also deeply encourage looking into making music on hardware samplers and synths, An MPC has been an incredible tool for me in the studio as much as the latest plugins. Physicality and the real world seem to come through when using hardware.

Saying that I think its very worth while investing in a few Key plugins for your music system. Good EQ’s and other toys that will help bring another level of depth that you might be looking for in your production.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 00.47.20 mpc1000_top_lgscreenshot_pro-q_full screenshot_pro-l_full

5: Make a lot of tunes!

Make some bad boy banging dnb tunes!! Then make some more tunes and then make some more tunes and more and more and more and more and more until you think you are gonna explode, A little obsession is not too unhealthy as long as you know when to switch off. You have to know that there are a lot of people making tunes and its a little bit of a race so its worth devoting quite some time if you want to be good at it. Try and listen to your tunes in clubs before people get there or even better persuade DJ mates to play the tunes out. I can’t say this enough, you don’t have to put out everything you make and its better to have a load of dubs to play out when you DJ then to put everything out. It is far better to wait till you know you are smashing it. When Andy C says “thats a banger” then you are ready lol. I think its also totally cool to copy your favourite artists at first to develop never be shy of influence it is beautiful and should be respected you will eventually find your own path.

dubplate-2 greatestrecordcollection

6:  Other things for later on if you get big

Don’t sign your yourself or publishing exclusively for a long time to anyone without a good independent manager and or Lawyer with a lot of experience saying its cool.

Let the music you love come first….



After all that send the tunes to me so I can play them in my sets!! [email protected]

“Unleash The Wolves” is out NOW!


Thanks and good luck to you all!!


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