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November 16th, 2017


When I started making music it was with a small start up label to say that I knew nothing about the music business was a complete understatement. I heard an album by Dillinja called Cyboton and it completely blew my mind. Forward a couple years and I signed to Valve recordings Dillinja’s label. In that time not that I ever saw any money from recordings on records (the spinning black disk type until I started releasing records on my own) it was possible to make thousands of pounds on a decent record which to me a very poor kid from Bristol was a fucking fortune. I remember having conversations with Lemon D about how bad things were cause records were only making two to four thousand pounds. As far as I know a great record could make you up to thirty thousand pounds before the birth of the recordable CD let alone MP3s. I’m sure you can read a thousand sob stories about the death of a music industry but my point is that every generation of musicians comes in to an industry complaining about how much money they don’t make from music. Just as I got in people were saying how hard it was. Imagine a fast forward to today where you are expected to not just be a musician/producer but you have to have the vision to create entire packages, videos, images, covers etc.

Its a world where for each play of your record you receive 0.006p, that means to get the £2.50 you used to get as a label for a vinyl the person has to listen to the records 416 times.

You know what the math aint that bad and people like me in the future might find that it will support us moving forward. but who is to say that they don’t just change that price on us or whatever. Here is the crux Drum and Bass used to be independent I mean truly independent with hundreds of record stores through the country and the world each with a guy who knew all the tunes that month and would order them from the distribution company. There was a few distribution companies and even if they would not work with you there was the option to press and sell your records direct to this network. Its a matter of free musical expression. To reach my fans I mainly have to use Facebook firstly I have to pay to reach the people who already follow me even tho I am generating the content for them but only the most engaging Pickle Rick Bootleg type stuff gets through the algorithm designed to keep at al costs your attention on they’re app so they can keep selling shit to you.

I cant even imagine what it takes to start a fresh now. I just released an album that took me a year to make and was my complete heart and soul. I have a nice fanbase who received it very well even though it was an incredibly selfish record to make given the content. It was in no way made in a contrived manner apart from really wanting to hear music that took a long time to think up and make like music of old was made not by committee or a writing team but just by me. one persons expression.

Honesty I would love to find a way to reach people that does not cost money, that we control and sell our music direct or at least through some kind of community based distribution dub plate system that will not be floated on the stock market and squeeze us. But I think for my generation with followers and the ability to reach it can work. New artists on the other hand I urge you to find a new way, don’t let algorithms control your creativity.

Let art live.


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