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34 TC modern DnB Serum Presets

34 TC modern DnB Serum Presets


February 21st, 2018


34 TC modern DnB Serum Presets

Get them —HERE—


34 of my freshest DnB presets taken from my personal library that I use every day for making tunes!

For £4.20 you can own a piece of my mind!

you have to own Steve Duda’s awesome synth to use these presets.

this pack was made on the first version for compatibility.





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Thats 101 Serum Riser presets plus 10 bonus hits, get them –here–


dont have the cash, get it split

1-25 here

26-50 here

51-75 here

76-101 here


Bless all the producers for all the music!




25 TC Sub Bass Serum Presets Vol 2

Grab them –Here– 








24 DnB Reese Serum Presets – some naughty fat slamming reeses to fuck up your tune differently – Jurobass Approves Of This Message

Get them –here–


11 Brand New Breaks taken from TC’s personal library of drum recordings. With 50 edits for quick drag and drop into your latest tune, all the breaks are at an authentic 164 BPM and all treated with loving care!

Grab it –here–








you can also check out……….


Grab it –here–

30 useable presets for Serum Synth inspired by an iconic movie I’m sure we can all guess. Put yourself in the future and imagine a world where the lines between man and machine are blurred


25 hand crafted Sub Bass Presets from TC’s Library for the incredible Serum synth. Get them –here–



50 Juro Bass sounds for all your Jurobass productions for £4.99 –here–


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