Jakes Quick Fire Interview

Jakes Quick Fire Interview


October 20th, 2015


TC interviews Jakes: quick fire questions! GO!

whats the story behind Rep

J: it’s about integrity. About paying dues and acknowledging what you stand for. This is a throwaway industry and surviving in it is work. It’s about the late nights spent perfecting ya craft. It’s also about weed. Lol. 

What is your process for writing lyrics, do they always have a meaning? 

J: hmmm. It used to be just 16’s, 32’s an 64’s now I have to think verse, bridges an chorus. They always have meaning. I write bars for the rave,radio and home. 

What other Mc’s are you hearing at the moment? 

J: Hmmm. Cadet, Mager, Sox, Skibz, Ex, Bok Nero, Khadafi Dub, Kuedon, Ad apt, Narstie.  I could go on for days. 

What is your favourite dnb tune and where did you first hear it? 

J: Been in the game too long to have a fave. It depends on How I’m feeling at a given moment. I’ll give you producers I like.  You’ve made a fair few that I hold dear. Dillinja will always have to get a mention. Caliber is a fave. Hazard is prolific. Goldie, Adam F, Ed Rush an Optical, Swift. 

You make tunes as well as bars, where is the jakes album? 

 J: It’s on it’s way. Feat some heavyweight known an unknown talent. All I can say for now it’s the working title is “Firefly”. It’s also a lot more musical than my previous releases. A lil more grown up. Oh yeh, it’s not just dubstep. 

Who is Vinny Pantella? 

J: It’s a code name for a long time friend of mine. I could tell you but I’d have to kill you after. He’s probably reading this now. It’s been nice knowing you. Hahaha. 

Whats it like working in the studio with me? 

J: It’s a relaxed affair. Very professional an very nice. When we work together we bounce vibes off each other an create moods with ease.  That is hard to find. 

Any shout outs? 

J: Mum, Warren, Jem, Annie, Miliah, You an Sophie,Kerry an Em,Markee, Gary,Hannah, Will, Simon an Marta, [email protected], [email protected], El, Sam,Nek an Lo, Nicole, Saren

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