Zomboy ‘End Game’ TC remix

Zomboy ‘End Game’ TC remix


October 11th, 2019


Massive thanks to Zomboy and the Never Say Die crew for asking me to remix the awesome End Game. I went on an early 2000’s vibe on it as its a time I loved so much in DnB. With all the new styles out at the moment I think there is definitely space in my set for something like this.

To be honest the parts were incredible and there was not much I had to do to get the universe to speak through me and bring the magic.  Not much gives me goosebumps any more, maybe lion king but I still get them when I drop this remix and I make no apologies for its 7 minute odd length and the noise from my hardware in the intro and outro. Long live dnb!

links to beatport and other outlets to come soon!




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  1. Chris says:

    I’m such a fucking tryhard audio mixing critic and I don’t remember the last time I forgot about the technical aspect of a song. Not to mention the last time a song that got me teary and tried not to cry

    Fucking beautiful dude. All my love to Zomboy but the original is trash compared to this (then again I got some dnb bias lol)

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