5 tunes every DnB fan should know

5 tunes every DnB fan should know


January 24th, 2015


At number 1 its “The Nine”

In my humble opinion DJ Fresh can do no wrong along with the other members of the unbelievable and ground breaking Bad Company. I know so many DJs that have more than a few worn out copies of this tune on vinyl.


At number 2 its Konflikt with “Messiah”

The most ahead of its time DnB tune ever made? The true power of this track is never to be underestimated, could it be credited the beginnings of the Nurofunk movement? I know it heavily inspired many producers from Noisia to Calyx and TeeBee through to the equally pioneering Pendulum.


At number 3 its Calibre with MC. Fats with “Drop It Down”

Before I ever had a record out this tune was what I was listening to. I remember nights at Level, Lakota, The Thekla and later on Run at Native and it always brought the dance to its knees.


Ed Rush and Optical bring in the number 4 Spot with Compound

I just can’t believe how real it sounds was all I could say to myself when I first heard compound as a youth. Would have been a summer at the one mate who was rich enough to get a pair of 1210s. The whole album was just incredible, the drums of a similar standard to Bill Riley but with this unexplainable funk and sounds that had literally never been heard before.


At number 5 its Stakka and Skynet featuring Konflikt – Biosfear

I wish I knew the story of what happened to Konflikt and I often wonder what he is doing today. Maybe he’s in Swedish House Mafia and flying around in a private jet or something.