3 Plugins I Love – from smaller developers

3 Plugins I Love – from smaller developers


September 7th, 2015


I have been really impressed with some of the incredible plugins coming out recently, When I am making music I am always looking for new gear and plugins to just make the whole thing feel fresh and exciting.  The 3 I have chosen here are not all brand new but I have chosen them beccause I use them all the time and they are just awesome! Thanks so much to all the people putting so much time into the code and stuff, some geeked out stuff went into making them I’m sure 🙂

Here are 3 plugins I love from smaller developers.



Xfer Records


A really cool synth with many option and interesting wave table manipulation and a bunch of FX and just a different sound every time you go at it. I am loving serum for everything from gnarly bass stuff to big leads. One thing it won’t do is hide in the background.



Kush Audio


Te most incredible top end you ever heard. Pretty much its what was missing that you didn’t even know you needed. Don’t go to crazy with it tho its a powerful tool!



Sly Fi


As its pretty new I am still getting to know this one but it seems to have a flavour all of its own, lots of things to just keep on pushing sounds into a crunchy space until its time to tickle the dry wet control to bring back some kind of normality. Feeling Deflector very much!

In my option all 3 plugins are well worth checking out.




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